Monday, November 19, 2012

Using Vanity Numbers Increases Your Company’s Visibility

The first part of ensuring that a company will be successful is making sure that people know it exists. Without proper advertisement, this is almost impossible. Vanity numbers are great ways to promote a business’s name or purpose and they are easily remembered by consumers all over the nation.

What is Business Visibility?
Business visibility is a phrase used to describe the number of people in a targeted demographic who are actually aware that a business exists. For instance, if a business sells pet supplies, it can be assumed that a certain percentage of pet owners should be aware of it. Competition in many industries is fierce these days and it is incredibly important to ensure that consumers can find small businesses. By improving a business’s visibility with a vanity number and ensuring that a majority of the targeted audience is aware of the products and services on offer, any company can set itself up for success.

Targeting an Audience
One of the primary reasons why companies choose to use vanity numbers is to target a specific audience that may be interested in the product. As an example, a local company that sells pets may choose the number (123)-555-PETS in order to target pet owners. For a toll free example, that same company may choose 1-800-ANIMALS. This way, people who love animals and who are interested in learning more about them—or who possibly want to purchase one—will dial the number. Vanity numbers are available for a majority of industries, but not every number combination is available. Business owners and marketing specialists must check with their phone service providers to be sure.

Statistical Analysis

Anyone who is still skeptical about the power of vanity numbers to increase a company’s presence in the market should review some of the statistical information. A nationwide survey conducted over the course of several years throughout several service providers concluded that businesses that choose a vanity number over a standard telephone number have a whopping 30% larger customer base than those who do not. When consumers were asked for the most memorable vanity 1 800 numbers of all time, they were easily able to recite an average of three telephone numbers they had viewed on television, heard on the radio or seen on billboards all across the country.

Cost vs. Value
The final thing to consider before purchasing and launching a business vanity number is whether the potential increase in business and revenue will be enough to justify the cost. The cost of transforming an existing toll-free number into a vanity number is minimal, but swapping from a local number to a toll-free vanity number can cost a bit more. Start by figuring out how much it will cost to have the number over the course of a year, and then determine the expected change in revenue. If the value that the business will get from the number is greater than the cost, the vanity number is a wonderful idea and should definitely be pursued.

People who want to advertise their businesses, stay visible, and make an impact on the memories of their clients and customers in a positive way should consider using vanity numbers. The transition is often inexpensive and the potential rewards are immeasurable.

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