Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Getting a Vanity Number is a Good Business Decision

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While a vanity number may seem like nothing more than a novelty, it is actually a very good business decision in that it helps to make a business more memorable, promotes the products and services being offered, and ties the business to the industry in which it operates.

Perhaps the number one reason why vanity numbers are so popular is because they help to make a business telephone number more memorable to the general public. Consumers are often creatures of convenience and they will take advantage of any step that allows them to save time and energy. Since a vanity number is inherently easy to remember—and can be made even more memorable with the correct marketing strategies—consumers are much more likely to dial it than to search through the Yellow Pages or other mediums for a telephone number. This memorability helps businesses gain ground over the competition.

Product or Service Promotion
A vanity number is also a great way to promote a product or service that is offered by a company. A dog groomer, for instance, may choose something as simple as 1-866-GROOMER. On the same note, a computer repair service may choose a number like 1-877-PCFIXER. While the business name is not mentioned directly, these telephone numbers tell consumers the exact purpose of the business. Therefore, if they need dog grooming or computer repair, they are more likely to dial these numbers.

Industry Recognition
Another reason why a vanity number is always a great business decision is because it can help to provide a company or business with recognition within an industry. This is done almost subliminally within the minds of consumers because it implants a sense of establishment within their minds. In fact, almost everyone can name several vanity numbers for industries such as car insurance, flower delivery and more. This simple fact proves that businesses that take advantage of the usefulness provided by vanity numbers are truly making a difference in the way consumers perceive them. Simply put, these numbers can provide an authoritative feel.

Professional Image
Finally, vanity numbers may even help to provide a business with a more professional image when they are paired with great marketing campaigns, a beautiful concept and excellent customer service practices. Professionalism cannot come from a telephone number alone, so it is important to use it in conjunction with these things in order to enjoy real success. For years, consumers have automatically associated toll free numbers of any type with a certain level of professionalism. Vanity numbers work to take this to the next level by making the professionalism even more memorable and easily attainable.

Business owners who consider a vanity number nothing more than a mere novelty should consider all of the great things it could do for their business. All in all, when the potential return on investment is realized, these telephone numbers are often some of the best and simplest business decisions to make.

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